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The Technology MBA
Mastering the Tech Business Without Spending a Fortune
"I developed this program because of what the business schools didn't teach me when I did an MBA. Tech startup's operate differently to most other businesses. Techprenuers need to be agile, tech-savvy and financially astute. Even valuations are different to traditional business. I learnt the hard way and failed on many fronts before I found the formula for building strong tech companies."
Azhar Khan
Azhar Khan
Founder - Speaker - Author

What We Made Recently
Discover your Personal Self-Culture and how you can use what drives you most to build billion dollar technology businesses. Become an outstanding leader as you learn how to delegate, inspire and build high performance teams based on culture.
Earn your wings and discover the 12 Practices of Leadership Agility
Master recruitment and how to actively build dynamic teams that are inspired every day to work on your company. Plus discover how we built this app with three teams working simultaneously in Silicon Valley, Moscow and Mumbai.
Discover the Personal Values it takes to become a techprenuer and what stages of development a business will go through. Working with leading academics we developed this system to help you discover your entrepreneurial position and personal orientation

Masters of Technology Business

The only thing constant is change

Ever wondered what the difference is between those who are successful and those who are not?

In many cases, it’s laser focus, decisive action and confidence when opportunity arises. It’s moving boldly forward at the right time, in the right direction with the right people.

“The Technology MBA” is an opportunity, and I urge you to take decisive action NOW to build your tech business the easy way.

Apply today for your place in “The Technology MBA” now, as there are limited spaces available. We only work with a hand full of people every year to ensure you are getting personalised attention and stewardship.

Not everyone has the opportunity to learn the tech business or building a tech company the easy way, the first time. But if you’re still not sure whether this program is for you, consider the following:

Are you crystal clear about what you want for your business and precisely how you’re going to achieve it?

Are you SURE your lack of tech skills and business knowledge and competence isn’t going to put you in the 90% of startup failures caused by lack of business acumen and business culture needed on the business owner’s part?

Do you want to take the long road to tech business success?

Are you determined to learn the tech business-building strategy the HARD way (maybe because you think it’s character-building)?

Do you know how to ensure your tech startup stands out from its competitors so your customers view it as the only real choice?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, “The Technology MBA" is where start-up success is made simple. This program is exactly what you need to put your business among the 90% of those that succeed because they’re started by someone with knowledge, skillset and competence.

It’s what you need to drive results on the expressway to success, by learning the easy way.

Apply here.

This is my newest program. It takes over 3 decades’ worth of experience and expertise and distils it into 12 power-packed lessons. It’s designed to give you practical ideas, strategies and techniques I’ve learned over the past 3 decades – the very same ones I used to build several apps, SaaS businesses whilst working and outsourcing internationally.

Here’s to taking the fast-track to success in business.

Apply Now - Applications Now Open

Our Program

Start-up Checklists
Checklists with infinite possibilities working in your technology niche
Leadership Culture
Master the secrets to effective management and leadership as you build your tech startup
Lean Startup
Discover how to make your startup lean and agile.
Project Management
Discover the most effective project management tools on the market
Knowledge Base
Build the documentation needed to be used by customers and investors.
An extensive collection of template and framework guides.
Digital Marketing covering Social Media Marketing, Analytics, SEO, SEM, Production and Content Curation.
Pitching & Valuations
Pitching & Valuations
Discover what you need to pitch to investors and practice presentations before you do.
Growing a Business
Growing a Business
The policies and procedures you should have to scale and rapidly grow your startup in record time.
Strategy and Change Management
Strategy & Change Management
Overall strategic direction involves objectives, policies and plans, then allocating resources to implement the plans.
Navigating people internally and externally to your startup is a skillset required at every stage of your entrepreneurial life.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions
Knowing when is a good time to exit, move on, or sell is every start-ups nightmare. Discover the right strategy to merge or acquire resources.
Global Business Study Tours
Global Business Study Tours
Join our Study tours to StartupHubs around the world. Tours to South Africa, Dubai, Shanghai, Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, New York, and Silicon Valley are available.
Software for Business
Software for Business
Tools used for communication and project management. CRM's, Accounting, Project Management, & Recruitment
Risk Management
Risk Management
Risk assessment & management is the process of identification, analysis and acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decisions.
Recruitment & HR
Recruitment & HR
SMR, HCM, HRM, etc. Learn how to quickly find the human resources you need to quickly get things done. From one task to full-time employment.

Bonus Extras

Imagine being able to peek behind the scenes and collaborate with our fastest growing, global online businesses. Use the proven systems, structures and strategies we use everyday to start, run our business and hone in your skill set and competence for achieving success and results.

Fast Start-up

Discover which products and services and niches are working online, how to master quick research through search engines and position your startup to pivot and be agile.

Digital Power

Lead Generation, driving traffic and converting visitors to paying customers through technology designed to build, measure and re-market through omni-channel distribution and marketing tactics only the best know about.

Information Products

Master your knowledge, extensively and with ease. Then design, create and sell new information products online. Learn to discern detail and disrupt existing industries by understanding global requirements.

Mastermind Support

Gain access to our amazing team and blueprints we use to organize our promotions and resources. Get new tools and learn to optimise fast. You will know exactly how we do things and have the rights to reproduce them in your own businesses.